Bread is one of the main products that make the base of the healthy food pyramid.

The main purpose of it is to provide energy for a human being organism.

JSC "Du Medu" offers you organic home-baked bread which preserves baking experience and traditions of ancestors. It is baked in a unitary way; each loaf of bread is formed by hands. Dough is prepared without yeast, preservatives and synthetic additives.    

Bread remains fresh for a long time, it does not stale and change its flavour. Long freshness of bread depends on a technological process which takes as long as it used to be in ancient times, and it is not fastened by any other means.

Baking bread large loaves are produced in order to keep flavour and odour of real home-baked bread.


Steamed Rye Bread

The Rye Bread can boast of its particularly rich variety of valuable nourishment, moreover, its flavour is especially close to ancient rural bread.    

Brown rye bread consists of almost everything what is necessary for a human being organism: carbohydrates, proteins, mineral salts and vitamins. 

Steamed Rye Bread "Rugelis"

It is one of the most beneficial breads for a human being's health, it distinguishes as a product which has a lot of nutritional fibres. 

Broken grain bread "Rugelis" can be considered as the best helper of digestion, which protects from different troubles of intestine work and improves its work.

Steamed Rye Bread "Rugelis", sugar free

Sugar free bread "Rugelis" is appreciated by customers who especially take care of their health. Also it can be used by customers who are on a sugar free diet.

Steamed Wheat Bread

Soft flavour wheat bread is distinguished not only by its delicate flavour, but also by its rich features. It is considered as an example of optimal vitamin B1, B2, PP and others' balance.   
Having flare-up of stomach and duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis, increased acidity, it is recommended choosing not rye bread but wheat one.