Healthy choice for your table!


Our relationship with the environment is related for 20 years.

Therefore we produce a time-tested and respected quality production.


"Du Medu" customers particularly like Lithuanian organic bread, which is not only homemade but also grown on family farm of grain.

This allows us to guarantee the safety and top quality of our products as well as to gain the trust of the customers.

The quality of baked goods is ensured not only by using natural and organic products, but also by original recipes and professional employees.


To meet our customers' expectations we also offer a wide variety of organic grains and other products, seasonal farm grown vegetables and fruit production.

Constantly expanding our assortment we seek to take into account demands of customers and fulfil them.    


If you have any questions related to the production of JSC "Du Medu", do not hesitate to contact us:

phone: +370 698 47720, email: info@dumedu.lt